About the Designer

Thomas Burkhardt, Dallas Landscaping Design, Austin Landscaping Design
Thomas Burkhardt, Dallas Landscaping Design, Austin Landscaping DesignAs a creative mind, skilled architect and luxury outdoor living space designer, Thomas Burkhardt knows that conceptualizing, designing and constructing the perfect outdoor living environment is a multiple-step process. But there are two distinct parts of each project that get his creative excitement and energy flowing the most.

“During the initial consultation, I am able to ask questions, get inside my clients mind, discover their wish list and figure out their ultimate desires. I take measurements, snap photos and spend a good amount of time in the environment where the project will be constructed, feeling the area, seeing the views and getting to know the client on a personal level. Before I know it, the construction process has already begun right there in my mind,’ Thomas says, ‘I envision the entire project before my ideas ever go on paper—and that is a very exciting feeling; it’s a bolt of energy.”

The next process is the actual design, where everything comes together. “All my gathered information, thoughts and ideas come to life into one conceptual, cohesive design: a perfectly unique and custom outdoor living space.”

“I design with emotion, functionality and aesthetic appeal all while placing a unique touch and my signature style to each project. I know when I’ve created a masterpiece. I can feel it … I get goose bumps.”

With over 25 years of construction experience, Burkhardt understands there’s more to every project than just the visual, aesthetic design. He knows the complexities involved in any major home project, whether it’s an expansion, addition or renovation of an existing space. At Designed Outdoor Living, Thomas Burkhardt is personally involved in every aspect of the experience, from the initial consultation and concept creation to the actual design, complete construction and final finish-out of your new outdoor environment. Additionally, Burkhardt specializes in solutions for the complex situations that inevitably arise during any project of magnitude. “The most complicated part of construction is anticipating problematic issues and being armed with a number of solutions to correct, modify, and complete the project without going back to the client with additional fees, he says. “I always carry a contingency plan up my sleeve, and if that one doesn’t work, I can create a new one on the fly.” His experience with permitting, inspections and engineering ensures there will be no costly surprises or delays. Over the years, he has built and maintained an excellent rapport and trust-based relationships by expertly educating his clients on materials, construction techniques, and city requirements throughout the project. All projects are expertly pre-engineered and fabricated by Thomas with precise conceptual drawings, materials selection and detailed solutions to the project’s construction ideas, complexity and requirements.

Luxury outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, pergolas, arborspatio covers , gazebos, custom swimming pools and spas, elaborate water and fire features—Thomas’s passion for beautiful exterior spaces lies in creating, designing, building, and overseeing custom backyard architecture and uniquely intricate outdoor living environments that match the luxury lifestyles of his clients while superseding their dreams.